Ajay Chandrakar

MLA Kurud,Chhattisgarh


Through the course of his education, Ajay Chandrakar has shown immense leadership qualities. During his school days itself, Shri. Chandrakar had asked the then Minister, for courage, along with something else. The minister too had happily obliged. It is possible, that this incident molded Ajay Chandrakar’s personality in a new form. He learns in the school itself, that it is better to fail than to pass by copying someone else’s hard work. Even though others may term something as wrong, one must have the courage to stay firm and on the side of truth. Even as a student, Shri. Chandrakar was very active in social and political events and this is why he was known to everyone as a firebrand in student politics.     
Ajay felt that in order to help people on a large scale, he had to enter politics. Politics was the only medium that would allow policies, thoughts, and the benefits of his efforts, to reach a maximum number of the country’s masses. In 1998, Shri. Ajay Chandrakar became a legislator for the first time on the basis of the ticket allocated to him by the Bhartiya Janata Party. But even before this, he had been at the helm of many political movements and agitations. In 1987, he even spent 7 days in jail for participating in an agitation. He considers this 7-day custody to be one of his biggest achievements. In 2003, he became a part of the Chhattisgarh government as a Panchayat and Rural Development Minister as well as a Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. In 2004, he was also assigned the portfolios of Science and Technology, Technical Education, and Manpower Planning. Due to a reshuffling of the cabinets in 2007, he became the Minister of Higher Education.

In 2008, he suffered an unfortunate loss in the Legislative Assembly elections. But, recognizing his talent, elocution, diction, and knowledge; the party made him the Head of the State Finance Commission. After the completion of his tenure, he was chosen to take up the dual responsibilities of being the party’s vice-chairman and official spokesperson. Bhartiya Janata Party puts the country’s welfare before everything else, and this is the reason why Shri Ajay Chandrakar became a part of the Bhartiya Janata Party.