Ajay Chandrakar

MLA Kurud,Chhattisgarh

About Shri Ajay Chandrakar

Our mission is to create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and makes policy decisions based on the will of the majority. We will build democracy through activism and education and change the law to ensure that political processes are controlled by citizens.

We oppose discrimination based on race, color, spiritual belief, gender,sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and national origin. We believe that our mission calls for non-traditional approaches, and we call for every citizen to participate in upcoming elections.

A sound and healthy state is the one in which government recognizes and protects the independent responsibilities that belong to people.


According to Shri. Ajay Chandrakar, his biggest achievement remains to be the passing of rules and regulations for three universities in a single day! Another big achievement for him was the amendment of the Panchayati Raj Act that brought about a path-breaking transformation in fields like literacy, giving them a legal backing. Along with this, women acquired 50% reservation in the Panchayat after the acceptance of Panchayat Raj Act. Success in the field of higher education was witnessed with the establishment of the SIRD, NIT, Open School, Business Education Division, Regional Science Centre and a Military School in Ambikapur. Shri. Ajay Chandrakar's contribution to the progress of the state continued with the commissioning of IIM correspondence for AIEEE. He has also played a pivotal role in developing his constituency with sparkling concrete roads, and establishment of new schools. Through the up-gradation of education and setting up of new schools, he successfully addressed various problems of the state.

Early Life

Shri. Ajay chandrakar, son of a notable personality in Kurud, Shri. Kaliram Chandrakar and nephew of Shri. Bhagwat Chandrakar, most principled and patient representative of his time. Shri. Ajay Chandrakar's constituency and habitat are in Kurud but the family's ancestral village is Arjunda. In his childhood, Ajay was always extremely sharp and mischievous. Owing to a highly religious and spiritual family atmosphere, Ajay's mind remained deeply rooted in spirituality, and righteous principles. At home, he would regularly witness chanting of holy hymns. Due to his religious nature, Ajay enjoyed listening to mythological legends like Ramayana, Mahabharata and was very fond of narrating them. This is the reason why he always enjoys the company of talented narrators and respects them from the bottom of his heart.


Most of Shri. Ajay Chandrakar's education took place in the native land of Kurud. After completing his higher secondary education, he got placed into SBR College of Bilaspur. After studying for few years , Shri. Ajay Chandrakar came to Raipur and got himself enrolled in Durga College. Always a self-learner, Ajay completed his M.A. in Hindi Literature and later chose Vishnu Prabhakar's plays as the subject for his research, but its progress was hindered by increasing political agitation prevalent during those days. When he was first elected to the assembly, he was considered to be the most studious among all the other assembly members. Even today, Shri. Chandrakar has an ardent passion for reading and writing, and a relentless hunger for knowledge. In spite of his busy routine, the self-disciplined Shri Ajay still finds time out to read.


Known for sporting a well groomed beard, possessing an intense voice, fast decision-making skills and frank nature, Shri. Ajay Chandrakar lives his life to the fullest. He has always faced the disparities and bitterness of life bravely. Being the king of cheerfulness, he leads an extremely plain and simple life. Facing life's difficulties with a smile is believed to be a quality of the brave at heart, and Shri. Ajay Chandrakar certainly possesses this quality. His heart is a limitless ocean of generosity for his friends and compassion for the poor and destitute. Shri. Chandrakar is a man who is extremely fond of simple rural life and prefers to spend most of his time in the constituency, amidst the village folks. Being the son of Kurud, he has not only given complete respect to his community, but also honored the rights of other communities with equality. Despite a million efforts, the flag holders of other ethnic organizations have not been successful in influencing him. On many occasions, he even disagreed with his own people, telling them that narrow-mindedness is not right. Shri. Chandrakar has been successful in thwarting the sweet traps of family ties used to gain advantage. The elderly citizens who seek favors in the name of family ties have never seen even an iota of encouragement coming from Ajay. Shri. Chandrakar is also famous for his special, quiet smile that always lightens up the environment, making it stress-free. He always had been interacting freely with the local media from the very beginning as a proud organizer of the All India Poetry Conferences and various cultural programs. Shri. Chandrakar strongly believes, that only the one who trusts others as much as himself has the ability to become a great human being. He also says that kind of people should be dealt with politeness and impudent people should be dealt with firmness. He humbly says that whatever he has achieved today is all because of the party and the unconditional love of Kurud's people. According to his point of view, Panchayati Raj and democracy aren't new concepts in India; they are a part of India's ancient system. The sentimental Shri. Chandrakar, who believes in his traditions and ideals is a great political reformer and is sympathetic towards the labour class. He is always ready to help them in improving their lives.


Shri. Ajay Chandrakar's dream is to write a new history of Chhattisgarh's growth. He envisions Chhattisgarh as a state topping the human index with cent-percent expansion of education, and 100% literacy. He dreams of prioritizing the development of industries which contribute to environmental protection, instead of industries that spread pollution. The local residents should have the first right on the state's water, land and forests. With the change in the state's outlook, migration will reduce, and employment opportunities will increase. New industrial policies will be formulated, and rural areas will be blessed with roads, electricity, healthcare, education and drinking water facilities. Shri. Chandrakar believes that all the state's policies should be focused on every individual's growth, because if the light of growth does not reach everyone, such progress is meaningless.